Succeed in LRN - CEFR B2 - Practice Tests - Audio CDs

Succeed in LRN - CEFR B2 - Practice Tests  - Audio CDs
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Succeed in LRN Level B2

Key Features

  •  5 Preparation Chapters for the Reading & Use section include
  •  Language in Use: Grammar theory with exercises, Idioms, Phrasal Verbs, Words often confused
  •  Focus on Vocabulary & Grammar: practice in context, followed by a variety of Reading Comprehension exercises
  •  Focus on Reading: 2 passages in each chapter, preceded by warm-up questions, appropriate for the Speaking section, and followed by: a. 2 open-ended questions, appropriate for the Writing section, and b. 2 multiple-choice questions, similar to those found at the Reading section
  •  10complete Practice Tests for all 4 sections of the LRN exam
  •  Sample answers for the Writing and the Speaking tasks of the Practice Tests

Audio CDs. The Audio CDs include the audio files for all the Listening Sections of the book.