Succeed in IELTS Life Skills - CEFR A1 Self-Study Edition

Succeed in IELTS Life Skills - CEFR A1 Self-Study Edition
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Succeed in IELTS Life Skills

CEFR Level: A1

  • In this book, there are 4 main sections. The first section is designed to remind students of some important grammar points and covers all the main and basic grammatical topics required by the IELTS Life Skills exam A1, in order for candidates to be able to communicate in English accurately and meaningfully.
  • The second section is called Listening Preparation & Practice and includes listening activities. This section gives candidates the chance to prepare for the relevant exam listening tasks.
  • The third section provides plenty of practice at speaking, through a variety of discussion and matching tasks that are relevant to the topics and language needed at this exam. 
    The fourth section includes 5 Practice Tests. The practice tests are scripted for the examiner. The information the student can see on the day of the exam is highlighted.
  • Self-Study Edition